The Canada Food Guide

was unveiled January 22, 2019, by Health Minister Ginette Petitpas-Taylor.


The CAND (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors) participated in the consultations on revisions to the Guide and is pleased to see that it reflects many of the recommendations made by our Food Guide Working Group: Dr. Lowell Greib, ND; Dr. Iva Lloyd, ND and Dr. Andrew Krause, ND.

Key details:


·     New groups of foods are broken down into:

      Fruits and Vegetables | Whole Grains | Proteins

·     Healthy Food choices are now displayed on a plate illustrating how

      much of a single plate should be comprised of    

      fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins

·     Focus on environmental sustainability, diversity and whole foods

·     The four food groups have been eliminated

·     Meat and dairy are deemphasized

·     Greater focus on plant-based proteins

·     Water is the beverage of choice

·     Focuses on warning Canadians about sugary drinks

      (incl. 100% fruit juice) processed foods and alcohol consumption

·     Outlines healthy eating habits – cook more often, enjoy your food,

      take time to eat and eat meals with others

Source: Emailed letter to members of CAND via Dr. McGuire B.ScH, C.N.P, ND



Read more information on the new Canada Food Guide


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