FAQs about Services & Treatments - CHIROPRACTIC

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FAQs about Services & Treatments - ORTHOTICS

Foot Pain is Not Normal - Take Back Your Lifestyle! We Can Help.

What is an Orthotic and what are the benefits?

  • An orthotic is a device that supports the foot and is also referred to as a custom insole. It supports, corrects and accommodates bones in the feet, tendons, ligaments, and the plantar fascia band in each foot.

  • Allows the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet - up through the legs, hip and lower back, to function at their optimal potential for our weight, gait and life styles.
  • Provides comfort from pain in the foot, ankles, knees, hips and back and increases our stability.

  • Once the foot is aligned properly your custom orthotic should reduce muscle fatigue and promote better muscle performance making walking, running and standing more efficient and comfortable. Happy, healthy feet makes for a happy healthy you! Call 519-940-3600 and get started today!


How do I get ready for my appointment?

When you are assessed/fitted for your New Orthotics:

  • be prepared to take off your socks and shoes

  • bring in your old Orthotics

  • bring in the footwear you will be wearing your new Orthotics in.

  • you'll have a mold/cast (negative) of your foot taken

  • a 50% deposit


(covered by most extended health insurance, please read your coverage to determine eligibility in some cases you may require a medical professional to prescribe the Orthotic and then we will be able to move forward.)